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Our Members Club is for women who are looking to grow their business, improve their online visibility and master new skills.  

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, in your startup phase or simply thinking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship, we’ve got your back GIRL! The great thing about our community is that we’re all at different phases in our biz journeys, so if someone hasn’t already ‘been there, done that’ – well you can be sure to find the support, encouragement, and knowledge you need to hustle through it either way!

Members Club

Being on the inside of our members club has many perks, but here are some of the few most notable benefits you can enjoy. 

Weekly Workshops

Exclusive access to all of our weekly, expert-led workshops as well as replays of all of our previous workshops. This includes 14 incredible hours of our International Women in Business Summit, hosted in March 2018.

E-books / Workbooks

Every one of our workshops comes with a dedicated e-book or workbook to help you implement what you learned during the workshop. So whatever your learning style, we’ve got you covered.

Facebook Community

Our Facebook group is a supportive community, where our members share stories, experiences, their wins and business tips. There you can share your progress with others, ask questions and even promote your business.

Bonus Content

As a member you get exclusive access to our member-only blog, monthly bonus materials, special discount codes and access to our in-house advanced courses. None of which are available to the public.

Music Playlist

We have our very own Empowered Woman music playlist, that you can listen to on-the-go, or when you need that little extra motivation to tackle your to-do list. It is designed to empower you and make you feel like you can crush your goals every day! Go Girl!

Events & Exposure

As a member you will be invited to join our international events as well as our virtual summits. Our members are the first to know about speaking opportunities and blog contributing requests.

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Our activities so far

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Our membership is accessible through monthly or yearly subscription options. 

Why we are different

Women in Business club was founded in May 2017 with the initiative to connect and support women-led businesses, solo entrepreneurs and female founders. Following our first successful London event in 2017, our community has organically grown to international presence with women joining from all around the world. We now have over 500 members, which continues to grow through our events, monthly workshops and other helpful resources to help women escape 9-5 and build businesses of their dreams.

Our live events

As a member, you will be invited to join our live and virtual events, where you can meet and network with fellow community members. Check out our latest Women in Business event pictures here



Here are the brand monthly new themes of 2019

Every month we have a selected theme in our member’s club, with contributing experts delivering online training to help you grow your business, expand your knowledge and take action to get your business to the next level.

Whether you have an online, product or service-based business, there are often some key areas you can always improve and work on.
Getting involved in our workshops is like having access to expert knowledge at your fingertips! Who wouldn’t want that?

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or planning your next product launch, there is something for everyone. Our monthly schedules are put together as building blocks for your business, providing the perfect stepping stones to creating a truly profitable enterprise.

  • January – Health, wellness and work/life balance 
  • February – Self love & Confidence
  •  March – Money mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs
  • April – Event planning, sponsorships, and collaborations 
  • May – Passive income, financial planning and Sales 
  • June – blogging & content creation
  • July – Systemise your business, planning & scheduling 
  • August – Marketing and social media 

Being part of our international community of trailblazing women is an opportunity for you to connect and network with like-minded female entrepreneurs from all around the world.

From Our members
What our members are loving about Women In Business Club, our community and events!
“This Members Club is all about lifting women up, helping them reach their dreams and encouraging courage. And I love that. I have met so many incredibly inspiring ladies through the Club, and learned so much through the trainings and amazing event speakers. It’s made me rethink my business and set my goals even higher!” Cate Butler Ross

Copy writing expert and coach

“This community is fabulous! It is a cozy environment where expert women share their valuable knowledge and where I get to help also whenever I can. The networking with other women is the best opportunity this group has offered me and for that, I am deeply grateful to Raimonda the founder and admin. I really resonate with her calm and professional manner and I like how all the community reflects that. If you also are in this crazy entrepreneurial journey I definitely recommend joining Women in Business for support and a whole bunch of goodness. Aloha!”

Veronica Gaya

Conscious travel agent

“It’s a place I can ask all those questions about business that I wouldn’t dare ask elsewhere, because this community really has your back. It’s inclusive, you can be yourself, and there is so much wisdom and willingness to help and point you in the right direction. Having lived in four different countries, I love this truly international tribe!” Yvonne Dam

Life and Career Coach

“This group is so empowering. I am SO glad I joined. Since joining this group, I have been able to practice my Live video skills (as part of the August challenge) and I have received such amazing support and feedback. This group is full of amazing women who motivate and inspire me!” Abbie Robinson

Life Coach

“What a wonderful community!
Women in Business is an amazing space with so much ongoing value and support.
The Facebook group is such a safe Haven for entrepreneurs! I am learning and growing every day, thanks to this community of women!” Lian Allweis

Mindset and transformation coach


To become a member and join our supportive community of female entrepreneurs, select one of the payment options below. 

Let’s achieve those business goals together!






Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this community for?

Women from all walks of life, who are either already running a business or looking to establish a new business or create social impact with an idea. Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or a coach, you are welcome to join other women in our community who are open to networking and supporting one another.

What is my role as a community member?
When you join Women in Business community you become part of our 'virtual' family of other women. As a member we would expect you to use your privilege and network within the community, introduce yourself to other members and ask for help if needed. To do that you can join our private Facebook group where we will have exclusive member updates and other benefits only available to the community members. You will also have access to our online summit videos and other bonus content, which you can enjoy in your own time.
How much does it cost and can I cancel anytime?

It costs $29.99 per month or $299.00 a year to be a member of our community & enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. You will have unlimited access to all of our previous content, event recordings and recourses offered by our speakers. As a member you are able to cancel your subscription at any time. As a non-member you will be able to purchase one-off access to events, online courses or workshops offered by our community experts. However the best value is in full membership subscription.

What other support is available to me as a community member?
As a member you can access a lot of online materials as well as our thriving community, where you can seek for help at any time. We have experts in many different fields that are willing to help or contribute ideas where possible. If you feel that you need extra support you can always contact us directly and ask for help. We will always give priority and aim to assist our members and listen to their ideas and suggestions.
How can I become an expert or a speaker?
We will be doing 'speaker' calls and expert selection, several times a year, where we invite you to apply to be chosen as a speaker or panellist at one of our events. Some members may be chosen to be featured in our newsletter, or via social media. By participating more within the community you will be more likely to be selected. Only by communication and engagement can we truly support every member within our community. So we hope you are ready to step into your amazing self and show the world what you are made of!

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